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Do You Get Permanent Results From a Fat Transfer?

fat transfer

If you are looking for a natural dermal filler that can deliver immediate and long-lasting results, we want to introduce you to a procedure that uses your own fat cells to improve your appearance. At Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery, we offer a treatment called a fat transfer that can help you not only achieve natural results but improve another area of your body simultaneously.

Are the Results From a Fat Transfer Permanent?

One of the reasons that patients are turning to this procedure to improve their appearance is that the results are permanent. Once the newly transplanted fat cells adhere to the treatment area, they will remain there permanently. After your treatment is over, you’ll never have to schedule follow-up treatments when your results start to fade but instead can enjoy your results long-term.

If you’re looking for a natural way to augment your features to restore volume to different areas of your face or body, this procedure can help you reach your goals and enjoy them permanently.

What Is a fat transfer?

A fat transfer is a cosmetic procedure that takes a two-fold approach to improve the appearance. Patients whose primary goal is to add volume to their faces using their own fat cells will achieve the added benefit of first targeting and eliminating stubborn fat cells from their problem areas that don’t respond to diet and fitness efforts.

Body Fat: The Original Dermal Filler

Body fat is the ideal material for a dermal filler because it is completely natural; your body knows what to do with it. The reinjection process doesn’t pose any risk of an allergic or adverse reaction because only your fat cells will be put into your body. This procedure allows us to harvest, prepare, and re-inject your fat cells into specific areas to improve the appearance, correct the signs of aging, and enhance the features.

How Does It Work?

The Harvesting Process

In order to use your fat cells to add volume and correct the signs of aging that have appeared on your face or even enhance your features, we first need to retrieve the fat cells from one of your problem areas. This area won’t be the same for every patient, but there are some common areas from which fat cells are typically removed, including the:

  • Buttocks
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Abdomen

Removing the Donor Fat Cells

The fat harvesting process takes place through a procedure called liposuction. Liposuction is a procedure that removes fat cells directly from the body. During the procedure, an incision will be made in the donor treatment site, and the surgeon will gently and carefully extract the necessary number of fat cells from that area to be later used for later injection into the face.

Our surgeon will take a comprehensive approach in addressing your problem area while being careful not to damage the fat cells that will be used to improve different facial features. As soon as the fat cells are removed from your problem area, you will automatically have significantly less fat volume in those areas. Your problem areas have new and improved contours and may even become some of your proudest body areas.

Your Post-Liposuction Results

After this portion of the treatment, you may be provided with a compression garment to wear during your recovery to promote healing and support the treatment area as it molds to the newly created contours. Once the fat cells are removed from the donor site, they can never come back; they will be gone for good, and you’ll see an improvement in those areas and can enjoy your results long term.

Preparing the Fat Cells

During a typical liposuction procedure, any fat cells removed during the treatment process would be discarded after the procedure, but not during a fat transfer. Instead, those fat cells will be carefully cleaned, sorted, and prepared to be put into an injectable form. Once they are isolated and sterilized, they will be prepared for transplantation to your desired treatment area.

Re-Injecting the Fat Cells

The final step in this process is re-injecting fat cells into your treatment area. Many patients choose to use their fat cells to treat one or multiple areas of their faces, and some inject fat cells into areas that have experienced volume loss and become hollow-looking.

Others choose to use their fat cells to augment their lips in a natural-looking way. Whatever the case, we can create a treatment plan that will utilize your fat cells and help you improve your appearance with the very same fat cells that have previously kept you from looking and feeling your best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Areas Can This Treatment Improve?

We can use a fat transfer to address some of the more noticeable signs of aging, including hollow areas on the face, thin lips, facial lines, folds, wrinkles, and aging skin. By injecting fat cells just below your skin’s surface, we can help re-create a more youthful appearance that will help your skin look fuller and lifted.

Treating the Body

Not only can a fat transfer improve the appearance of the face by targeting and correcting the signs of aging, but it can also be used to enhance different areas of the body. Liposuction will be used to remove stubborn fat cells from your problem area, and then those same fat cells can be re-injected into different body areas to create new proportions, increase size, and improve shape.

Natural Breast Augmentation

We can use this procedure to augment the breasts and deliver completely natural results. If you want fuller and natural-looking breasts but don’t want to use an implant to achieve your results, we can harvest fat cells from one of your problem areas and then inject them into strategic areas of the breasts to create permanent and natural fullness.

The Brazilian Butt Lift

Additionally, this procedure can be used to augment the buttocks through what is known as the Brazilian butt lift. This procedure uses your own natural fat cells to augment the buttocks. It takes unwanted fat cells from one area, and then they are injected into the buttocks to improve the size, shape, and appearance of the area.

What Are the Benefits of This Procedure?

There are many different benefits associated with a fat transfer. This procedure is an effective way to achieve natural-looking results using your own body fat. Whether you want to address some of the more noticeable signs of aging in a completely natural way, or you want to augment different features, this procedure allows you to do so without having to use an implant or any synthetic substances.

If, for some reason, you cannot receive dermal fillers due to health reasons, you won’t be excluded from this treatment process altogether because we can help you utilize your fat cells to achieve results. Additionally, this procedure delivers long-lasting results, so you won’t have to schedule regular follow-up treatments to maintain your results since your fat cells will permanently adhere to your treatment area.

Am I a Candidate?

The best candidates for this procedure are patients who are in good health and have an adequate amount of fat cells in a donor area that can be extracted and used for re-injection into their desired treatment area. Having an adequate amount of fat to use as donor cells is one of the most important qualifications to be considered an eligible candidate for this procedure.

Determining Your Eligibility

If you are interested in a fat transfer but are not sure whether you are a candidate, the best way to determine your eligibility is by scheduling a consultation at our office. During this consultation, you will meet with one of our experts to evaluate both your desired donor area and planned treatment area.

We will also ask you some questions about your health history and the type of goals you hope to achieve. Then we will provide you with more details about the procedure, what kind of results you can expect, and then create your customized treatment plan.

Enhance Your Appearance the Natural Way

There is a way to naturally improve your appearance with your own fat cells and enjoy the results long-term. If you’re interested in learning more about a fat transfer and what it can do for you, our experts are ready to help. Contact us today at Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery, to schedule your initial consultation.

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