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Breast Augmentation in Tampa, FL


Breast Augmentation (Augmentation Mammoplasty)

Breast Augmentation at Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery

Thanks to modern advancements, a woman no longer has to deal with gravity bringing down her breasts as she ages. When combined with the right implant, modern science has found ways for women who have always envisioned themselves with fuller breasts to achieve larger-sized cups. And for those girls who have always wanted bigger busts, choices include saline or silicone implants, depending on their preference and the desired outcome. All women nowadays decide with their surgeon's recommendations what size cup they would like based on simple measurements, making Breast Augmentation so much easier than ever before.

Dr. David E. Halpern of Tampa, Florida, is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of successful breast augmentations over the past 25 years. Dr. Halpern is trained in various types of Breast Augmentation in Tampa to offer a full suite of options for his patients, but like most plastic surgeons, he prefers to work with the most modern types of implants for a natural look and feel. He is also trained to perform fat grafting, which has become an increasingly common choice for some selective patients.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that improves a woman's breast's volume, symmetry, and projection. A breast augmentation can also restore volume after weight loss or pregnancy. Breast augmentation surgery or breast implants should not be confused with a "breast lift" – an entirely different procedure—although it may be done concurrently.

Breast implants alone will not combat age-related sagging following childbearing. The lift procedure tightens the surrounding tissues to position the breasts higher, whereas the augmentation procedure will restore lost volume or increase cup size. The implants may be round or teardrop-shaped. Tampa Breast Augmentation patients most commonly use round implants for this aesthetic procedure. The soft, smooth, and symmetric round shell shapes are less likely to be felt and will not matter if they rotate inside the pocket. Teardrop-shaped gel implants are recommended for women with lack of a properly shaped breast(usually congenital deformities), tubular breast deformity, or after mastectomy. They provide additional contour where there is none and greater projection at the bottom of the breast.

Are You a Candidate for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Get Ready For Post-Baby Breasts

Are you searching for ways to stop the inevitable descent of your breasts after bearing children? Allow us to provide you with two perfect techniques when combined: breast augmentation and breast lift surgery. Together they'll push your breasts higher up than they were before, making them look and feel more like they did when you were younger.

The ideal candidate for a breast augmentation in Tampa, FL procedure meets the following criteria:

  • You are over 18 years-old
  • Your overall health is good
  • You do not have any unmanaged medical conditions
  • You have realistic expectations for what is possible
  • You're unhappy with your breast after weight loss or pregnancy
  • You're dissatisfied with the size, shape, or asymmetry of your breast

You may want silicone implants if:

  • You have very little breast tissue or lost volume after childbearing
  • You have had a mastectomy
  • Slightly more natural feeling implant

You may want Ideal saline implants if:

  • You don’t want to worry about silent rupture or MRI scan implant monitoring
  • If you have a implant rupture it is filled with saline/water and it will be obvious

You may be a good candidate for breast augmentation with fat grafting if:

  • You have a good skin tone but wish for a modest increase in size or fullness
  • You want to fix contour irregularities or restore lost volume related to pregnancy or aging

Five Things You Should Tell Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon

With Breast Augmentation Tampa patients' safety is always our top priority, which is why it is so crucial for your doctor to know about the following:

  • If you are taking any medications or supplements
  • If you plan to have more children
  • If you have had previous abnormal mammogram or breast imaging
  • If you have a history of bleeding or clotting complications
  • If you have any significant medical conditions or unmanaged diseases

One of our patient coordinators will give you a detailed pre-operative checklist to ensure you are ready for surgery.

Tampa breast augmentation model with blonde hair

Preparing for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Choosing the right size implant is one of the things people agonize over.

You may ask, "What size do I need to be a full C?" or request to look like a particular celebrity. Generally speaking, the volumes range from 120 to 850 cubic centimeters. The right size implant depends on your anatomy – the amount of existing tissue, height, weight, rib cage circumference, and body type. It helps to bring pictures of breast shapes and sizes you find attractive to make sure you and the surgeon are on the same page. If possible, find nude photos of women with similar builds to your own. It's also wise to look at before-and-after photos of women who share your size and stature. We will give you a good website (www.asps.org) to look at these photos for reference.


Your Breast Augmentation Procedure

Life-Changing Beauty

What to Expect

There are many different breast surgery techniques, but the general steps of breast augmentation at Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery are as follows:


The patient attends a no-obligation, pre-surgical consultation. During this appointment, your Tampa Plastic Surgeon will discuss the procedure in greater detail, answer any questions you may have, ask you about your medical history and expectations, and obtain a complete history and perform a full medical examination for thorough planning purposes.


The day of your Breast Augmentation surgery, you will arrive at the surgical suite with a chaperone and receive anesthesia. A certified anesthesiologist administers anesthesia through IV.


The surgeon makes an incision. Options may include the periareolar incision around the areola, the inframammary incision on the underside of the breast, or the transaxillary incision through the armpit.


The implant is positioned. The surgeon places the implant either under or over the pectoral muscle depending on the desired result. We typically use a subfascial approach if we are above the muscle. The method used to insert and position the implant depends on the implant's type, the desired size, the patient’s anatomy, and surgeon/patient preference. Use of an implant funnel to prevent the implant from touching the skin surface (helping to prevent contamination/infection) typically are used as well as antibiotic solutions which bath the implant and the pocket before the insertion. A meticulous dissection of the pocket with atraumatic and bloodless dissection is also an essential part of the procedure.


The incisions are closed. The incisions are closed with layered sutures, skin adhesive, or surgical tape. You will receive detailed instructions regarding incision care and ways to minimize the risk of scarring. Over time, the incision lines fade from red to silver. Typically the dressings are removed 24 hrs after surgery and the patients are allowed to shower. No external sutures are used so no suture removal is needed since they absorb on their own under the skin.


Recovery begins. All patients go home the same day of their surgery. We ask that your chaperone stays with you to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Most people go back to work the following several days after surgery. Breast Augmentation results will be visible immediately and will be finalized in two to three months once the swelling goes down and the surrounding tissues acclimate to the new implant shape/size.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Transformation That Fits You

Tampa breast augmentation model with brown hair

Dr. David E. Halpern may use Exparel to provide up to 48 hours of localized pain relief, in addition to prescribing pain medication to get you through the first several days as needed. You will also be instructed not to perform any strenuous activity or lifting that may compromise your results. Three weeks after surgery, you should be able to do lower body exercises and ride a stationary bike/elliptical exercise. By six weeks, most women are able to perform chest and arm exercises again without restrictions.

Breast Augmentation Results

Many patients wonder, "How long do breast implants last?" and "Will I need to replace my implants in 10 years?" However, some patients have had their implants for decades without incident. The typical shelf life of implants is rumored to be 10-15 years, but that is by no means an "expiration date." You may keep your implants as long as they feel comfortable. Dr. David E. Halpern regularly meets with former patients to see how they are doing. About 20-40 percent of Breast Augmentation surgery patients will opt for additional lifts, implants, or reductions down the road. In addition, genetics, sun exposure, smoking, weight loss or gain, pregnancy, and aging may all affect your long-term results and satisfaction.


Choosing a Tampa Plastic Surgeon For Your Breast Enhancement Procedure

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When choosing the right Tampa breast implant surgeon, it's essential to understand what constitutes "the gold standard" in plastic surgery. It may surprise you, but many physicians today have received formal training in another specialty but have started offering breast implants because they are so popular. These physicians may not have ANY plastic surgery training at all but can still say they are "cosmetic surgeons," – which is not one of the specialties recognized by the American Medical Board of Medical Specialties. In other words, anyone with a medical license can say they are a surgeon, even without surgical training. Dr. David E. Halpern is certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) — the world's largest plastic surgery specialty organization.

That means he has over six years of surgical training, including completion of both didactic testing and clinical testing to complete this difficult certification process, in addition to specialized plastic surgery training, he completed a full-year fellowship in Hand and Microsurgery. It also means he operates in fully accredited medical facilities — like Tampa General Hospital, where he is Chief of the Plastic Surgery Department, or his own office, which is approved by the State of Florida. In addition, he holds a valid license to practice medicine and adheres to a strict code of ethics. He also teaches plastic surgery at the University of South Florida to medical students, plastic surgery residents, and fellows of plastic/hand surgery

Breast Implants Frequently Asked Questions

It makes sense to postpone your breast augmentation if you plan to have a baby within the next year or so. However, you can still safely and effectively breastfeed with implants, so you may still have the procedure done if you feel self-conscious about your breasts. Later on, you may need an additional lift if your tissue stretches or shrinks considerably due to the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you plan to have a family, be sure to discuss your intentions with the surgeon, as this may affect the choice of placement for your implants.

Dr. David E. Halpern has done breast implants on patients of ages and all walks of life. The biggest demographic for breast augmentation procedures are married women with a few children and around 34 years of age but include some women who have always desired the operation but have waited until their 40’s, 50’s or even their 60’s to consider it. Most women seeking breast implants are not looking to go too big but desire a noticeable difference.

The media loves a sensational implant rupture story. But it is essential to understand that these cases are the exception rather than the rule. FDA studies found the rupture rate to be 10.1% after a decade, with 75% of these cases discovered by physicians before an actual rupture occurred. Silicone gel implants are among the most well-studied medical devices, and there is extensive medical literature validating their safety.

There are risks with any surgery, such as infection, uncontrolled bleeding, and adverse reaction to anesthesia. Risks particular to breast augmentation surgery may include infection requiring temporary implant removal, implant rippling, implant rupture, capsular contracture )firmness of the implant which can occur years after the surgery) Risks are more significant for patients with oversized implants, so choosing an appropriate size for your frame and physical stature is vital. Choosing an experienced surgeon like Dr. David E. Halpern will also ensure optimal results and safety.

Clinical studies of newer silicone implants did not include patients under age 22, so you must be at least 22 to receive that type of implant. However, patients as young as 18 can still get saline implants. Other than that, implants are a very personal decision.

There is no easy answer when it comes to cost, but factors may include: your geographic location, the surgeon's skill, where the surgery is performed, the anesthesia fee, and the type of implant used. A good faith estimate will be provided which is guaranteed for 90 days, which includes all costs of the procedure and routine surgical aftercare.

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