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Facial Fat Transfer in Tampa, FL


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The natural causes of aging can have a negative effect on the appearance of our skin.

As our skin continues to lose elasticity and hydrating properties, areas of the face such as the cheeks and lips can begin to lose volume. This can cause a loss of your sculpted facial structure and youthful glow. The negative signs of aging can also affect other parts of the body, such as the abdomen region, arms, and legs, which are notorious for harboring loose skin and stubborn fat. If you or unsatisfied by aging concerns, and are looking for a reliable solution to rejuvenate and add volume to sunken cheeks or thinning lips, there is now a revolutionary treatment available for reclaiming the youthful shape of your face, while also removing stubborn fat cells from common problem areas. With innovative Fat Transfer in Tampa, you can restore lost facial volume and the attractive contour of your cheeks, chin, and lips.

What is a Fat Transfer Procedure?

Our Tampa Fat Transfer procedure is a personalized treatment that utilizes the patient’s own body fat in order to restore fullness and plump up sunken areas of the face. It provides long-lasting results that outweigh injectable fillers and other temporary treatment options. This rejuvenating procedure provides natural-looking results because it incorporates the use of your own tissue to restore a supple facial contour. Fat transfer treatments are not only a useful method for restoring facial volume, but it can also be an effective remedy for transferring fat to the breast and buttocks to achieve a fuller look. To learn more about facial procedures, visit the facelift procedure page.

How Does it Work?

Following a personalized consultation with Dr. David Halpern, a treatment route is created that is tailored to your desires and specific needs. During the procedure, gentle liposuction is first performed in the fat donor area of the belly, thighs, jowl, or buttocks.

Once the fat cells are collected and isolated, they are then cleansed and sterilized in order to ensure they survive the transfer for optimal results. The fat cell transplantation is then performed in the treatment area. The fat is gently added to the desired areas of the face using a specialized method for gently lifting and plumping the skin from beneath the surface. Results provide a more permanent look for fuller cheeks and plump lips that can have you looking as young as you feel.

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Who Is a Candidate?

reclaim your youthful facial contour

When it comes to facial Fat Transfer Tampa patients or anyone who is unsatisfied by the appearance of negative aging signs such as smile lines, frown lines, and other facial wrinkles, could benefit from this treatment. If you are experiencing facial hollows, or lost lip volume, you could qualify as a candidate.

However, The best way to determine if you are a proper candidate is through a consultation with one of our caring professionals. If you are ready to say goodbye to aging signs, and reclaim your youthful facial contour, reach out to us here at Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery to learn more about the many benefits a Fat Transfer procedure can provide you. Contact us today and schedule your consultation! Or learn more about Dr. David E. Halpern’s liposuction offerings.

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