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If you are unhappy with the shape, position, or proportion of your ears, you are not alone. Many people experience a defect or non symmetrical appearance of their ears. This can cause people to often feel self-conscious about the shape and positioning of their ear structure. If you are unhappy with the look of your ears, there is a reliable solution that could benefit you. With Otoplasty in Tampa you can improve the shape, proportion, symmetry, and position of your ears for the look you desire..

What is Ear Surgery?

Ear surgery, or Otoplasty, is a personalized procedure designed to improve the look and structure of the ear present at birth, or as it becomes more noticeable during development. Because of this, otoplasty procedures are common amongst younger patients. This Innovative solution brings balance and proportion to ear positioning on your head for an even and proportional look. At our office in Tampa Otoplasty could be the solution you have been searching for if you are unhappy with the shape of your ears, or your child's.


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There are many benefits that ear surgery can provide individuals who are bothered by protruding or disfigured ears. When undergoing Otoplasty Tampa patients can get an effective method for correcting:

  • Macrotia - a condition that causes overly large ears
  • Protruding ears that stick out further from the head
  • Unsymmetrical positioning of the ears
  • Bring ears closer to the head
  • Reduce the size of ears
  • Reshape undesirable bends in the cartilage
  • Repair a torn or cleft earlobe
  • Reconstruct the ear following trauma
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How We Can Help

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Otoplasty is a safe and effective solution for enhancing the appearance and overall well-being of patients. Dr. David E Halpern is a highly regarded triple board-certified plastic surgeon in Tampa, and is exceptionally gifted at restoring the aesthetic appearance of ears.

In the hands of our caring staff here at Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery, you can feel confident that you are receiving first-class treatments with beautiful results. Reach out to us here at Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery and speak to one of our professional staff members about the many effective treatments that we offer. Contact us today and today and schedule your Otoplasty consultation.

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Dr. David E. Halpern is Tampa’s nationally renowned triple-board certified plastic surgeon, carefully blending expertise and artistry with extraordinary care. For the past two decades, Dr. Halpern’s dedication to exceptional care and commitment to his patients have made him Tampa’s most trusted plastic surgeon. Place your confidence in the capable hands of Tampa plastic surgeon Dr. David E. Halpern by scheduling a consultation today.

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