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Precision Microblading and Microshading with Dr. David Halpern

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Enhance your eyebrows with precision microblading and microshading at Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. David Halpern. Located in the heart of Tampa, FL, our clinic offers these advanced treatments to help you achieve perfectly shaped, natural-looking brows. Our goal is to enhance your natural beauty, promoting confidence and empowerment through our services.

What is Microblading Permanent Makeup?

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Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that uses a hand-held tool to create hair-like strokes in the skin. Unlike using an eyebrow pencil, which requires daily application and can sometimes look less natural, microblading offers a more natural and long-lasting effect. This technique deposits pigment into the upper layers of the skin, mimicking natural eyebrow hairs and creating fuller, well-defined brows. The microblading process involves meticulous precision, making it ideal for those looking to enhance their eyebrows without daily makeup.

Technology and Process:

  • Hand-held tool with fine needles
  • Pigment matched to natural eyebrow color
  • Strokes mimic natural hair growth
  • Semi-permanent results lasting up to one to three years, providing a natural and subtle enhancement to the eyebrows

What is Microshading?

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Microshading, also known as powder brows, involves using a fine-tipped needle to create a soft, shaded look similar to brow powder. This technique adds depth and dimension to the eyebrows, providing a gradient effect that looks natural and complements the microblading strokes. Microshading is perfect for individuals seeking a fuller, more defined brow look with a soft finish. Combo brows, a combination of microblading and microshading techniques, offer a more natural and defined look, enhancing the overall appearance of the eyebrows.

Technology and Process

  • Fine-tipped needle for shading
  • Gradient effect for a natural look
  • Complements microblading for fuller brows
  • Ideal for sensitive or oily skin
  • Ombre brows technique for a soft, gradient effect similar to microshading
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Microblading and Microshading Benefits

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These treatments offer numerous benefits, enhancing your natural features by providing low-maintenance, natural-looking brows. The combination of microblading and microshading ensures that your eyebrows look perfect and polished.


  • Enhances the appearance of eyebrows
  • Saves time on daily makeup application
  • Long-lasting results (up to one to three years)
  • Customizable to match individual preferences
  • Natural-looking, fuller eyebrows
  • Suitable for various skin types
  • Clients experience satisfaction with their new eyebrows

Microblading and Microshading Candidates

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Candidates for these treatments include individuals looking to improve the appearance of their eyebrows, those with sparse or thinning brows, and anyone seeking a low-maintenance beauty routine. However, not everyone is an ideal candidate. Certain skin conditions, allergies to pigment, or specific health issues may contraindicate these procedures. Henna brows can be a great alternative for those with sparse eyebrows who may not be ideal candidates for microblading or microshading.

Ideal Candidates

  • Individuals with sparse or thinning eyebrows
  • Those seeking a low-maintenance beauty routine without the need for daily makeup
  • People without allergies to pigments
  • Individuals without skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis on the eyebrow area

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Consultation and Preparation

During the consultation, Dr. Halpern will assess your eyebrows, discuss your desired look, and explain the procedure. Patients should avoid alcohol, caffeine, and blood-thinning medications before the treatment to minimize the risk of bleeding and bruising. Proper preparation ensures the best possible outcome for your microblading and microshading procedures.


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The microblading and microshading procedures typically take about two to three hours. A numbing agent is applied to ensure comfort, followed by the precise application of pigment. The process involves creating hair-like strokes and shading to achieve the desired look. Dr. Halpern’s expert technique ensures minimal discomfort and optimal results.

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Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

New eyebrows are visible immediately, with full results appearing after the healing process (about four to six weeks). During the initial healing phase, patients should avoid water, sweat, and sun exposure to the treated area. Regular touch-ups are recommended to maintain the best results. Proper aftercare is essential to ensure the longevity and quality of your new brows.

Why choose Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery?

Dr. David Halpern is a renowned plastic surgeon with extensive experience in aesthetic treatments. Our clinic is known for its high standards, personalized care, and state-of-the-art facilities. We are committed to providing the best possible results for our patients, ensuring their satisfaction and confidence in their appearance.

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Microblading and Microshading Frequently Asked Questions

These procedures involve minimal discomfort, thanks to the use of a numbing agent.

Yes, when performed by a trained professional like Dr. Halpern, these procedures are safe.

Most skin types are suitable, but a consultation will determine the best approach for you.

It's recommended to wait at least 10 days before applying makeup or lotions to the treated area.

Costs vary based on individual needs and the extent of the treatment. Contact us for specific pricing details.

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