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The Key Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

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Having a flat and toned stomach can be a nearly impossible goal, especially after having a baby or once you’ve started to get older. A tummy tuck can help your get rid of excess skin and fat on your stomach. At the same time, it pulls the underlying support structure for your abdomen tighter. On top of having cosmetic benefits, there are some pretty amazing medical benefits as well. 

It Can Help You Love Your Body Again after Pregnancy

Having a child (or children) is a wonderfully satisfying experience. The one thing about it that many women would change, however, is the impact it has on their body. For many women, no amount of dieting and exercising can help them get rid of the excess skin and fat left behind on their abdomen after pregnancy. If this sounds like you, know that a tummy tuck may help you love your body again. 

It Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

Research has shown that those who have had a tummy tuck, particularly after losing a significant amount of weight, are more motivated to diet and exercise. It also can become more comfortable to exercise, thanks to the tightened abdominal muscles and lack of excess skin. 

It Can Improve Your Posture

Aging and/or pregnancy can actually weaken your abdominal muscles, which are essential to your core strength. Without this strength, it can be difficult to have proper posture. A tummy tuck will tighten the muscles that help support your spine, making it overall easier to stand and sit up straight.

It Can Offer Relief from Hernias

A ventral hernia is somewhat common after a C-section or appendectomy. This painful condition involves the abdominal or intestinal tissue breaking through the abdominal wall. A tummy tuck will strengthen your abdominal wall, decreasing your odds of this occurring.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

A good candidate is someone in overall good health. If diet and exercise have failed to help you get the stomach you want, you may be a good candidate. Good candidates also include those who have felt their stomach always stuck out more than it should. If you have excessive skin due to weight loss or pregnancy, a tummy tuck is likely a good solution.

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