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Nordlys by Ellipse

Nordlys by Ellipse

Real Results

The Nordlys by Ellipse laser is more efficient than Lumenis and Palomar lasers – treating larger areas quicker and with fewer sessions. Patients seeking a more permanent hair removal solution can find great results with just 3-6 10-minute treatments.

Free Consultation

Tampa Plastic Surgeon Dr. David E. Halpern does all IPL laser treatments himself. Contact him here to explore your full range of options for aesthetic improvement, including the new Ellipse IPL laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments.

How It Works

Nordlys by Ellipse IPL skin rejuvenation and hair removal laser combines fractional and infrared lasers into one easy-to-use device for the treatment of everything from unwanted hair and enlarged veins to sun-damaged skin.

*There is no guarantee of specific results and individual results can vary.

Scandinavia’s Best Kept Aesthetic Secret” has arrived at the office of Plastic Surgeon Dr. David E. Halpern. The new and powerful laser allows him to offer many different treatments with the investment in just one system. The Nordlys by Ellipse targets a specific area for treatment, while leaving surrounding tissue untouched. It is quick and painless, providing long-lasting results.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Benefits

Nordlys, Nordlys by Ellipse

*There is no guarantee of specific results and individual results can vary. The Nordlys system has been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration and the system is manufactured by a reputable company with almost two decades of experience in advanced laser and Intense Pulsed Light technology. According to Ellipse, the Nordlys is their most innovative machine to date – the first to deliver a sub-millisecond pulse to treat areas big and small. Dr. David E. Halpern is pleased to offer this system, which allows him to offer multiple treatments at the same time.

The exclusive Selective Waveband Technology “eliminates unnecessary and potentially harmful wavelengths, allowing only those that are beneficial to individual treatments of various skin types to reach the skin,” which improves patient comfort. Ultimately, the best benefit is the end result.


nordlys ellipse results

*There is no guarantee of specific results and individual results can vary.

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Nordlys by Ellipse Uses

The Nordlys by Ellipse laser treats several conditions, including:

  • Veins
  • Rosacea
  • Age Spots
  • Brown Spots
  • Hair Removal
  • Port Wine Stains
  • Uneven Pigment
  • Sun Over-Exposure

Nordlys Ellipse Laser Treatments

Laser Vein Treatment

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser Hair Removal for Women

*There is no guarantee of specific results and individual results can vary.


*Disclaimer: The Nordlys light-based treatment system is owned by Ellipse. Dr. David E. Halpern and Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery, Inc. are in no way claiming ownership of the Nordlys.*

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