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Top Plastic Surgery Procedures for 2015

Top Plastic Surgery Procedures for 2015

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports the most common plastic surgery procedures in 2013 were: Breast Augmentation (290,000), Nose Reshaping (221,000), Blepharoplasty (216,000), Liposuction (200,000), and Facelifts (133,000). The numbers for 2014 have not been released yet. While these popular plastic surgery trends are expected to continue, Dr. David Halpern of Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery has heard that the following procedures are expected to explode in popularity over the coming year.

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New & Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures in 2015

The Strawberry Laser is perfect for eliminating unsightly cellulite and muffin tops. | Dr. David Halpern

Strawberry Laser – Noninvasive body sculpting is all the rage these days. You’ll continue to hear a lot about systems like CoolSculpt, Zeltiq, and Vanquish, but Dr. David Halpern still prefers the LiLa Strawberry Laser due to its simplicity and cost advantages. These laser systems use directed radio frequencies to reduce the size of unwanted fat cells.

Dr. David Halpern and the Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery team can help you decide if Strawberry Laser treatments are right for you. Schedule your free consultation today.

Xiaflex – Dr. David Halpern is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon. One of his specialty certifications is in micro hand surgery. He has seen amazing results with Xiaflex, a cloned collagenase used to break up contracture-causing bands in people with Dupuytrens disease.

Micro-Graft Harvest FaceliftFat grafting involves liposuction from the abdomen or thighs and injecting the fat into the face to improve results of a facelift, replacing lost volume in areas like the cheeks and enhancing graft take.

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Plastic Surgery Continues To Deliver Excellent Results, With Quicker Recovery Times

These procedures were all presented in a “hot topics” seminar at this year’s annual American Society of Plastic Surgeons Meeting. Dr. David Halpern has been using the Strawberry Laser, fat grafting with facelifts, and other breaking technology for years now.

“It’s important for patients to find experienced practitioners,” says Dr. David Halpern. “Even though the technology is fairly easy to use and minimally invasive for patients, the risk of injury is still there if a person does not know what he or she is doing.”

Dr. David Halpern has trained extensively in the latest plastic surgery procedures, including laser body contouring, breast surgeries, and anti-aging facelifts. He also offers Botox, Dysport, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and much more.

Why Choose Dr. David Halpern?

Dr. David Halpern is triple board-certified in general surgery, plastic surgery, and micro hand surgery. He has been serving Tampa Bay patients since 1999 at Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Inc. and is a member in good standing of multiple professional associations in Florida. He has appeared on “The Rachael Ray Show” and “The Doctors” to discuss the LiLa Strawberry Laser. Call (813) 871-5000 to schedule a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon!

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